Tone Tag / Indicator List

What are tone tags/indicators?

Tone tags/indicators are short text at the end of a message to let the reader know how the message is meant to be read, clear up any misunderstanding, or simply tell what the tone is.

The tag is separated from the message it is indicating by a slash /

Tone tags are especially useful for neurodivergent folk, as they can have a harder time understanding and reading tone through text, as apposed to someone who is neurotypical and may have an easier time.

(not all ND folk have trouble with reading tone, and not all NT folk understand and read tone well)

No one is expecting you to remember the full list. Thats part of why it is here!

It’s okay to ask for a reminder on what a tag means, and it’s also okay to accidentally overlook a tag (as long as you acknowledge the mistake).

(in alphabetical/ABC order, with meanings)

Tag (s)Meaning
/aoan order
/ava vent
/ayat you
/brbragging (see also: /fx)
/calmcalm / calmly
/co or /cfcomforting
/fxflex (see also: /br)
/g or /gengenuine
/gentlegentle / gently
/gq or /genqgenuine question
/gs or /gensgenuine suggestion
/hjhalf joking
/infoinformation or informing
/jjoke or joking
/jkjust kidding
/jwjust wondering
/lhlight hearted
/l or /ly or /lyrlyrics
/lulittle upset
/mmetaphorically / metaphor
/nabrnot a brag (see also: /nafx)
/nflnot flirting
/nafxnot a flex (see also: /nabr)
/naonot an order
/naqnot a question (see also: /st or /state)
/navnot a vent
/naynot at you
/nbhnobody here
/nbrnot being rude
/neg or /ncnegative connotation
/neuneutral connotation
/nfnot fake
/nfl ornot flirting
/nmnot mad
/nmaynot mad at you, to specify that someone isnt mad at someone else
/npanot passive aggressive
/nsbnot subtweeting
/nsrsnot serious
/nsx or /nxnonsexual or not sexual intent
/nynot yelling
/otoff topic
/papassive aggressive
/pos or /pcpositive connotation
/rh or /rtrhetorical question
/s or /sarcsarcastic / sarcastically
/sbhsomebody here
/st or /statestatement (see also: /naq)
/sx or /xsexual intent
/tictic, for when something typed out was unintentional due to being a tic
/tsto self
/vuvery upset
/wwarm / warmth

last update: August 1st 2021

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